The Super Bloom Handbook

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Everyone needs flowers in their life: this is an easy guide to growing your own.

Have you always wanted flowers at your fingertips but were not sure how to get started? Or even what to do to grow beauty? Featuring forty of the easiest and most beautiful flowers to grow for any space, The Super Bloom Handbook will show you how.

From bearded irises and roses to pelargoniums and zinnias, there is a flower for every pot, planter box or garden. Here are flowers that are abundant and resilient, that will grow even if you garden in tough conditions. Here are self-sufficient beauties to grow even if you snatch gardening in small moments of time, so your garden can overflow with delight even as your calendar overflows. Jac Semmler shows you how to care for your flowers, offering key information on growing flowers from seed, planting, pruning and flower care.

The Super Bloom Handbook will help you discover the beauty that nature can offer, and the joy of tending plants and holding flowers in your hands. Start small, gain confidence and grow your way to a floral wonderland.

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