The Ultimate Bath

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In The Perfect Bath, Barbara Sallick who with her now-legendary company Waterworks brought the American bathroom out of the dark ages and reinvented it as a stylish, nurturing environment suited to a modern way of life showed her readers, step by step, how to transform a once-utilitarian afterthought of a room into the most personal, indeed special, space in the home. With Ultimate Baths, Barbara is ready to take the next step to elevate the idea of the bath as fantasy come true to an unprecedented new level. Starting from the idea that taking the time and space to enjoy special moments and extraordinary circumstances is not only pleasurable but essential, Ultimate Baths will devote its elegantly illustrated chapters to the crafting of experiences: the soothing, pampering spa; the sybaritic secret garden of percolating pools and rain showers; the restorative wellness retreat; and the bath as integral part of the larger home reaching out into the personal, and in some cases public, living and entertaining zones, the home's larger context, and into the world beyond. Ultimate Baths will build on its predecessor s inclusion of a range of top professionals work including work from a dream team of architects and designers, each of them singular, imaginative, and eminently achievable. The ultimate experience. The ultimate expression of style. The ultimate guide to crafting a peerless, enduring personal retreat. The Ultimate Bath offers all of this, and more.

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