The Ultimate Ski Book

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Beginning with early Alpine pioneers through to the development of modern skiing, author and ski aficionado Gabriella Le Breton presents the evolution of this much-loved mountain sport and all the essentials of contemporary ski culture. Where is the longest run in the Andes? Which is the most spectacular descent in the Alps? Which is the most legendary hut in the world?Higher, faster, further-skiing is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life, a mode of transport, catalyst for discovery, profession, sport, and recreation. Originally an adventurous way to move through ice and snow, skiing is now the number one wintertime recreational activity. More popular than ever before, the snow lures thousands of die-hard fans to the airy heights of the world’s mountains. Anyplace where even a few flakes fall, there are dedicated skiers. Yet it is the simple joy of sliding on snow that has sustained skiing over time, elevating it to a global phenomenon with its own distinct culture.This revised edition of The Ultimate Ski Book follows the story of skiing through the centuries; capturing the essence of the world’s most popular winter activity through spellbinding photography and inspiring text. From the first ski superstars and most memorable ski fashions to the world’s best resorts and most prestigious chalets, it encapsulates all that dedicated skiers need to know. In this book, skiing expert Gabriella Le Breton assembles everything passionate skiers want to know, and a lot more. Hit the slopes with all of this expert insider info, as well as the best in ski fashion, style, accommodations, and apres ski entertainment.

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