The Watch Book - More than Time Vol. 2

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Volume II of The Watch Book follows on the successful and comprehensive earlier volume with a magnificently illustrated book about the additional functions and refinements of wristwatches. For centuries, so-called "complications" - any feature of a mechanical timepiece beyond the display of hours, minutes and seconds - have embodied the crowning glory of fine mechanical watchmaking. Among the earliest of these are alarm clocks and calendar movements. Moon phase displays have also been known for several centuries. Striking movements can be considered among the most complex and technically elaborate additional functions, while finishing techniques such as skeletonising, which is mainly done by hand, also characterise the high art of watchmaking.

This superbly illustrated volume by watch expert and historian Gisbert L. Brunner is dedicated to advanced functions of mechanical timepieces, their historical development and special technical features.

Topics covered in this book include: Hands and numerals; Spring; Astronomical display (moon phases etc.); Tides; Double balance; Alarm clock; Altitude/depth measurement; Skeletonisation. Edition: Bilingual (Text in English and German)

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