This Is A Sign - Magic velvet zodiac coloring set

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Explain away all of your (and your friends’) bad habits with this set of twelve magic* velvet zodiac signs by Brass Monkey. Color them with the 8 included brush tip markers, then hang them up (and/or hand them out). Either way, they’re proof that you weren’t trying to be difficult on purpose…mercury is probably just in retrograde or something. *Not actually magic… they’re just fuzzy.

• Features all twelve zodiacs – each with a specific (humorous) ‘trait’ of the sign.
• Includes 8 quality brush-tip markers to help you color to your heart’s content.
• The box top features a flocked tip-on that’s the same material and size as the enclosed zodiacs.

0.4 kg

19.5 x 19.5 x 4.0 CM

  • 9780735375581

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