Timeless Modern Interiors

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Well-known for his subtle use of color, texture, and fabric, Rees-Roberts's designs capture the essence of modern living. Descended from generations of painters, his love for art is an important source for his inspiration and indelibly marks the work. Functionally elegant designs are characterized by a deference to art as well as to light and the views provided by natural surroundings. Each designed home reflects the owner's character as well as the needs of everyday life, incorporating custom furniture and unusual antiques. The book, bound in sumptuous cloth and wrapped in a jacket with French folds, reflects the firm's ever-present attention to detail. With respect for the architectural style of the house or apartment within which the firm is at work, be it contemporary or historic, the interiors created are a consistently sophisticated blend of twentieth-century modernist, contemporary, and antique pieces, and elegant custom-designed upholstered furniture, along with cherished art. And no matter how glamorous the setting, these rooms, through their balance of color, texture, and furnishings, are consistently comfortable and welcoming.

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31.0 x 3.0 x 25.0 CM





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  • 9780847899500

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