Utzon's Universe - Build, Draw & Learn

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Discover the world of Utzon with Utzon’s Universe: Build, draw & learn. In 2018 the world-renowned architect Jørn Utzon would have been 100 years old. Strandberg Publishing marks this with Utzon’s Universe a beautiful and innovative book for children about the great Danish architect. With Jørn Utzon as a guide, children ? and their parents are in- vited to discover the architect’s legacy and experimental universe and to design and build themselves. Utzon’s Universe invites you to explore the world of architecture, using both your hands and your mind, with Jørn Utzon as your guide. Based on sixteen of Utzon’s projects two of Denmark’s most experienced authors of architecture books for children present Utzon’s work and his sources of inspiration while also introducing the basic vocabulary and tools of architecture. Each chapter con- tains simple directions for building and drawing exercises which children can carry out, either on their own or together with their parents, to discover more about Utzon’s universe. Utzon’s Universe is a creative introduction to architecture with hands-on construction and drawing activities for both children and adults. It is richly illustrated with images from Utzon’s own archive and new photographs. The book is published with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation and the Dreyer Foundation.

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