Quarter Past Noon

Quarter Past Noon
Community has been at the heart of &Tradition since they opened their doors in 2010. Every weekday at the &Tradition office, lunch is served at quarter past noon by chef Søren Westh. More than a lunch hour, the daily dishes each tell a story of how to care for people and for the planet. Using food as a medium for positive change, the ritual has given life to a movement that is more than design and more than hospitality. Quarter Past Noon is a celebration of nurturing friendships old and new that extend far beyond our work days
Søren Westh first collaborated with &Tradition on the menu at Lille Petra, &Tradition’s cafe in the heart of Copenhagen – and in doing so became an irreplaceable member of the team. 
With the publication of the Quarter Past Noon Books – a compendium of three volumes of recipes and storytelling – everyone is invited to the table. Designed by NYC-based Savvy Studio and printed at Narayana Press in Denmark, the three titles – Quarter Past Noon, Table Cloth and Lille Petra – each celebrate the different facets of the collaboration between chef Søren Westh and &Tradition, both committed to the power of exchanging ideas.

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