Avalon - Travertine

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The Avalon bookend is named after the holy island of Avalon, stemming from Celtic mythology. Just like the island, Avalon stands as a solid and stoic focal point, surrounded by a sea of the books you love, or on its own as a sculptural element.The shape resembles a cylinder that has been sliced at the center and set off with a gentle push, creating two entities that mirror each other, as if constantly waiting to merge back into place again. This tension gives Avalon a grounded yet agile and graceful presence.Avalon is design with simplicity at its core and stripped of unnecessary layers, allowing for the owner to build their own story.“I always take a sculptural approach to designing, making each project convey a story, a dream, or an emotion”– Signe HytteMaterials: Travertine

1.95 kg

11.0 x 8.0 x 12.0 CM

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