Between the Words - Josefine Winding

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Tags: Caché, Object

“Between the words there is silence, give it time and you can hear the voice of the heart”.

This poem written by Josefine Winding says everything about the new collaboration with New Mags. Josefine has designed a new object which can be used as a bookstand or stands alone as a sculpture. The designer’s ars poetica is all about shape, surface and spatial awareness, her work can be best described as an abstract, powerful, simple artistic idiom. The full artistic experience is achieved by calm, stringent, raw surfaces combined with high-quality raw materials.

“I have always been fascinated with the abstract, powerful, and simple artistic idiom. As I create my sculptures, I strive for balance more so between linear and geometric lines versus asymmetric and mobile. The depiction of these contrasting ideals gives rise to something exciting – something that I am continuously exploring. A sense of tension emerges in the sculpture, as if it might expand or sprout new limbs at any moment.“

Materials: Concrete

6.35 kg

12.5 x 12.5 x 34.0 CM

  • 0769503216966

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