Beyond Design

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Get ready! With this game, you’ll gain insights into how you create, present, and evaluate social design solutions in a fast and fun way.

PERFECT TOOL FOR GENERATING IDEAS, BRAINSTORMING & TEAM-BUILDING: Beyond Design The Game will help amp up your associative thinking skills and help you quickly generate ideas whilst working collaboratively.

DEVELOP SYSTEM THINKING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Get better at streamlining your thinking and communicating your ideas effectively.

UNCOVER EXISTING INSPIRATION AND CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Spark new inspiration with existing ideas and explore new possibilities of bringing it to life.

GET BETTER AT CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING: Learn to generate innovative solutions to complex social issues quickly.

IMPROVE CONFIDENCE IN PITCHING YOUR IDEAS: Practice makes perfect. The game provides a supportive framework for anyone to practice and get better at enrolling people in their ideas.

IDEAL FOR CLASSROOMS, WORKSHOPS, AND GROUPS: Whether you’re using the game as an experiential teaching tool for students, facilitating a workshop for your team, or hosting an activity for you and your friends.

The Beyond Design game is a perfect group activity for adolescents, adults, and kids age 12+.

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