BlackStar 1-180

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Since the turn of the century, with advances in technology and in light of urgent ecological concerns, shifting values have created a renewed interest in the handmade and pushed craftable materials like textiles to the fore.Textile artist Vibeke Rohland has worked at the intersection of art, craft and design since the mid-1980s, commissioned by European design legends like Kvadrat, FDB Møbler, Georg Jensen Damask, Ikea and Agnes B. while exhibiting at world- class art venues.Blackstar 1-180, represents the culmination of 15 years of exploring form and color by hand-printing unique silkscreens, using traditional, analog tools and textile pigments mixed in-studio. This serene yet graphical work will be presented in an equally bold, clear graphic design created by Rasmus Koch.Rohland’s intuitive and emphatically low-tech approach explores and registers the diversity that can be found in very small displacements of a single basic form influenced by various color combinations. In this series, the traditional pointed star—associated with fairytales, religion and celebrity— is contained within a blunt star, a more concrete and earthy form. The stars’ forms are determined by incremental and arbitrary displacements of the screen and overlapping pigments that make them appear to twist, roll, radiate, deepen and grow still.BlackStar is a model of the coffee table book: a how-I-did-it, but not a DIY manual, a meditation that calms the eye and mind through repetition and slight variation, and a color study that Josef Albers would have appreciated. It contains inspiration, subtle surprises and details that are discoverable even after multiple viewings, for creatives in any design discipline—interiors, product, fashion— that relies on color and composition. Even the layman, however, will find themselves pausing to explore BlackStar’s wealth of detail time and time again.

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