Blue Tailoring

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Denim is a symbol of cultural globalisation. Democratic, versatile, resistant to the passing of time and to changing tastes and styles, it embodies rebellion and standardisation at the same time.Stefano Chassai, an established designer on the international scene, searches for new variations of the iconic blue fabric in the sphere of men’s wardrobe: mixed with other materials and ennobled with unusual techniques, between craftsmanship and new technologies, denim leaves the casual universe to enter the field of tailoring, as the raw material for a new concept of elegance.The result is Blue Tailoring, the story of an ideal collection, a creative laboratory and manifesto of the stylist’s poetics.With the collaboration of over 30 Italian companies, Stefano Chiassai tells his original interpretation of the most widespread fabric on the planet.The book is divided into 10 chapters in which the designer tackles different design methods and combinations of materials, exploring new concepts of form. It also includes an interview by Claudio Marenco Mores and critical texts by Paola Maddaluno, Bruno Casini, Antonio Mancinelli and Claudio Marenco Mores.

Edition: Bilingual (Text in English and Italian)

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