Bucket List: Eco Experiences

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A bucket list focused on sustainable travel featuring 1,000 vacation ideas that are eco-friendly, respectful of local cultures, and highlight opportunities to give back.  A new era of sustainable travel is dawning – more than ever, vacationers are seeking experiences that are sustainable for the environment, sensitive of other cultures, make a positive impact, and above all, do no harm. Included are a diverse collection of sustainable travel ideas and eco-friendly destinations for all ages and interests. These experiences range from volunteering at a wildlife preserve or centering a foodie getaway around zero-waste to visiting the Eden Project, a series of biomes and gardens in a reclaimed Cornwall mine designed to raise ecological awareness with educational programs and agriscaping. More travelers rank sustainability as a top factor, and this volume is a reliable, trustworthy resource—sensitively and thoughtfully curated, free from greenwashing and confusing terminology, it guides readers towards active, life-affirming, learning activities and new experiences. Organized geographically, entries fall into broad types—accommodation, culture, food, nature, volunteering, and wildlife—so readers pinpoint what suits them best, whether “voluntourism” while studying endangered silverback gorillas in Uganda, rehabilitating orphaned penguins outside Cape Town, or visiting an eco-coffee plantation in Puerto Rico.

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