Building For Change

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The climate emergency has brought to the fore the problematic consequences of short-sighted architectural approaches, forcing us to re-evaluate available resources, and break the cycle of ceaseless consumption and waste. Reuse might seem to present a series of limitations to creative freedom, but such constraints can provoke much richer and more imaginative responses, ones that in no way diminish the overall quality of the architecture produced as a result.Building for Change explores how the strategies of reuse have been employed by world-leading architects across a range of contexts and for different projects. Rather than merely celebrating reuse as an aesthetic practice, this book provides insight into the application of a range of tactics, investigating the processes architects have undertaken to deliver innovative projects. The gap between supply and demand is growing rapidly, forcing us to focus our resources on essential applications if we are to ensure a sustainable future. Although these may seem like distant and abstract concerns, to avoid catastrophe, they demand our action now.

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