Emotional First Aid Kit

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Her brilliant, accessible illustrations bring understanding to all the tricks and twists of our complicated brains.' - Nell Frizzell.
*This box may not contain band aids or antiseptic wipes but it is ready to deliver some urgent care to your brain.*
Just like the first aid kit in your glove box or bathroom cabinet, the Emotional First Aid Kit is full of practical tools for looking after yourself and the people you love. Each card focuses on a different topic of mental and emotional wellbeing; with an illustration to help visualize how your brain works, and a practical exercise to restore balance and self-compassion.
Either read them at random, using the cards to pay attention to your inner thoughts and feelings, or focus on specific cards that you identify with - no matter your approach these cards will allow you to better understand how your mind works, and help you develop positive coping strategies.

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  • 9781529430523

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