In My Dream Last Night...

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"A visual journey of our long standing friendship and creative bond."

Helena Christensen & Camilla Stærk

It all started with our first encounter, also our first creative collaboration, one day in the Summer of 2000.

Helena was to shoot Camilla’s portrait and her first collection for Nylon magazine that Helena had just co-founded. Camilla drove up, together with the journalist Malene, to Helenas beach house in the north of Denmark on this one beautiful day. After meeting the family and Helenas new baby who was laying calmly awake in the bedroom, a fine creative exchange commenced.

We worked in mostly silence, no words seemed necessary, and this is how it still is to this day There was a unique sense of understanding between us, an immediate deep bond of expression within our two worlds colliding.

‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’ collection was delicately displayed on Helenas antique mannequin, in shadow and in light, and it was as if the polaroids and film rolls created that day revealed something more; the sentiment behind the pieces, captured in the meshes of an afternoon.

This day marked the inauguration of our creative bond, which has continued to grow and expand within our collaborative universe, alongside our friendship, both of which we are so grateful for.


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