Make a Vision Board: A Manifesting Collage Book

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Making a vision board is one of the most powerful manifesting tools for creating the life you want.

Make a Vision Board provides you with everything you need to get started now. Author CanDace Johnson guides you through step-by-step instructions to create a vision board and manifest from a place of abundance. Whether manifesting a dream partner, new home, peak health or new heights in your career, the practice of creating a vision board collage allows you to tap into your intuition, clarify your desires and begin to call in your best life.

Includes: · An introduction to manifestation and guidance on creating a vision board ritual · 1000+ carefully curated images, plus backgrounds, to cut out and collage · A list of tools and techniques to create a manifesting vision board · Journaling prompts and goal-setting advice

Collage and decoupage are undergoing a revival among artists and hobbyists seeking a mindful activity that also produces a beautiful end product; Make a Vision Board expands on the phenomenal success of LKP's Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage; Everything you need to create a manifesting vision board, including step-by-step guide to manifesting, goal-setting and making the vision board itself; A beautiful lifestyle book to replace stacks of old magazines for making a manifesting vision board; The perfect gift to get started on manifesting now, or to give it a go if you're curious - the perfect New Year's Eve ritual or weekend MBS craft project

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