The Art of Suffering

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What does it take to become a road racing legend and compete in the toughest sport in the world? Go behind the scenes with the teams and riders at all the major tours and classics through the lens of world-class pro-cycling photographer, Kristof Ramon.

The Art of Suffering is about the human story of road racing, what it takes to go deep and be the best, and the awe-inspiring feats of endurance that make road cycling one of the most challenging, most legendary, most inspirational sports in the world.

From battling the elements and the terrain to epic climbs, crashes, injuries and recovery; personal sacrifices, pushing the body to the limit, training, winning, losing and long seasons on the road; featuring the domestiques, the star riders, the new talent and the legends - this book captures all the reasons why cycling fans passionately love their sport, taking them closer to the action and their favorite riders than any other book.

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