The Complete Language of Food

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The Complete Language of Food blends the realms of food and folklore in a beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of ingredients, including for each entry the food’s unique properties and the facts and folklore behind its use. Awaken both your inner foodie and your inner yogi as you journey into the consciousness of everyday foods, from their origins in myth to modern interpretations today.

Have you ever considered the cultural origins and meanings of your favorite foods? The Complete Language of Foodties ingredients back to mythological and folklore roots for a unique and appetizing exploration of the foods we eat.

Presented alphabetically, each food entry includes:

A beautiful illustration concise summary of the food’s mythology and folklore How the food is used in certain cultures and traditions Correlations to chakras, elements, and deities With everyday ingredients like acai, bok choy, and cauliflower, you’re bound to learn more than you ever imagined about your household favorites as you discover the symbolic meanings, uses, and facts behind each. The knowledge gained will bring new meaning and intention to your mealtime.

Some of the exciting lore behind certain foods will include: Borage was a common motif in medieval needlework, especially in scarf designs where they were intended to be worn by knights as a symbol of courage Archaeologists have found evidence of pickled cucumbers that date as far back to 2030 BCE (in northern regions of what is now Iraq) Macedoine, a precursor to ice cream, is a type of jelly dessert that was served in snow and thought to be a favorite of Alexander the Great. It was known that the ancient Greeks used honey in their skincare!

Elegantly designed and beautifully illustrated, the Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia series offers comprehensive, display-worthy references on a range of intriguing topics, including dream interpretation, techniques for harnessing the power of dreams, flower meanings, and the stories behind signs and symbols.

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