The Italian Interiors of Elsa Peretti

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‘Overlooking an unreal landscape, sea and sky blend together. Elsa’s Saracen tower stands formidable amidst a shrubland… In the distance, a string of other Saracen towers as far as the eye can see’. —Dominique Nabokov

Step into wonder: The Italian Interiors of Elsa Peretti charts a voyage through two sumptuous homes of the late artist whose designs completely reshaped jewellery in the 20th century and are still worn by the world’s biggest stars today. Capturing the terracotta glow of these spaces, Estelle Hanania’s ethereal photography introduces us to the wilds of Torre Avoltore, a towering residence in Porto Ercole, and invites us to retire to stately Rome, where Elsa grew up.

An introductory essay by longtime collaborator Stefano Palumbo centres Elsa’s creative relationship with architect and designer Lorenzo Mongiardino, and a brief dispatch from photographer Dominique Nabokov closes the book with a memory of her 2001 visit to the tower. Made in close collaboration with the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, The Italian Interiors of Elsa Peretti is the first book exclusively dedicated to her interiors and homes in Italy, offering a privileged view into spaces not open to the public. Still brimming with Elsa’s personal collection of clothing and artwork, the Rome apartment was photographed the day before it was sold, making these images the last to capture how she translated her artistic sensibilities into her private world.

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